Contechs Materials Handling Ltd combines low overheads with innovative design solutions and low cost man-ufacture to provide a complete, cost effective solution for your logistical requirements.

Contechs can calculate your logistic parameters and provide management of the total project by producing CAD designs from your component data, manufacture and testing of prototypes and manufacture of volume production. Rack fleets can be provided on lease or rental option and can include full maintenance for the life of the product.

Contechs have experience in producing shipping racks and in plant handling solutions for body panels, Trim panels, Power train and Chassis components. All aspects of the logistical route are studied including rack utilisation, Truck utilisation, Loading and unloading feasibility, in plant parameters, safety and ergonomics.

Contechs can supply the right solution for the component and its logistical requirements by providing special steel racks or standard plastic containers which can include polyurethane mouldings, vacuum formed trays, textile or profiled foam internal dunnage to ensure that your product arrives at its destination in an unmarked condition.

Contechs can offer a range of special and standard pallets at competitive rates via our manufacturing partners in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Standard Containers

In PLant Solutions

Shipping Containers